After my arrest in 1991 for my career criminal non-conformist life-style I began the recovery process.  After 10 years of recovery work and writing my novel I thought I'd go to the university and get accredited for personal empowerment counselor which I was doing as co-facilitator of family-of-origin work. At the age of 43 I was diagnosed by Queens University to have Adhd. I walked from the disability office with my head down and ran into a magazine for the disabled called, 'Abilities.' I picked up the representation of my new peer group and read eventually running into an article from a remarkable man named Gary McPherson. Gary had written an article regarding defending the eroding gains of the disabled community essentially, farming for the next generation of advocates of social equality for all. I entered into a five year mentoring relationship with Gary and these writings are that conversation. This section represents my writings from 2002-2005. My hope is that these writings will be helpful to others who would like to see their societal power structure shift toward a better distribution of cultural wealth. I reached out recently to tell him my concerns of even more eroding to the social gains for the marginalised in North American society only to find out he passed away, a year and a half earlier. Some of this writing will benefit from an edit or two but if you manage the rough spots certainly you will find some gems, pearls of wisdom gleaned through my personal experiences that may be helpful to others who choose to swim up stream against the current of status quo.

Link to Calgary Herald's article when Gary McPherson ran for leader of Alberta's provincial conservative party,

A book Gary wrote called, 'With Every Breath I Take'

        'Rolling On'
A book written about Gary
An eloquent epitaph
honoring Gary's life