To visualize this think of volunteer fire departments, the peace corp and the ever popular 60's hippy movement.  Non-conformist volunteers with a high value on personal life experiences. It would move those who desire such a life into a homesteading environment and when ever a volunteer wanted to help somewhere in the world their travel and accommodation would be facilitated. Kind-of like a peaceful militia or national guardians who perform organized acts of kindness. Its a beautiful concept when we consider the youth whose only choice is to join a gang as a way to survive in their neighborhood. Instead of generating negative energy in the pursuit of self indulgence we can create an environment that takes care of peoples personal needs and their energy will have a chance to be more considerate of others. We can look toward the Scandinavian country where everyone is granted 60k a year and perhaps come to some similar social deal. The redistribution of wealth will reduce crime and the number of zeros in the value of .01%ers assets (they wont lose their homes, a reduced economy will make the same home's value just a smaller number, nothing material is lost--the same house at 30 million is the same house at 20 million).

A lot of crime is caused by perceived personal need/want this is the result of a state of fear, like what Freud said, everything we are aggressive about is born from an insecurity (fear). So most crime is born from fear and fear is, not feeling good--we feel bad. As someone who has worked with people in a course which takes people who don't feel good and moves them into creating the conditions that allow them to feel good I know that almost always people will choose to feel good rather than feel bad. Finding a way to support people will help them make the choices that will help them feel good. This will directly effect how much negative energy is being created by the citizens of the world.

A conversation with my neighbor who was our local chief of the volunteer fire department  said to me as we discussed this concept and my ideas around Adhd people also being allowed to smoke pot legally. 'Everyone who is hurt has a right for sober people to show up and help them out.' I can't disagree with that especially being aware of the sometimes undependable nature of the less responsible Adhd folk. So this team would be more like a team of 'Second Responders' the clean up crew.  You could have the more responsible members of a community as first responders with their strictly ruled and regulated behavior but also a second team used for cleaning up and if they had a buzz really who cares. Yet we have created a niche where people who are not included in society could have reason to be proud of themselves, perhaps for the first time. Their communities could have cabins to house those escaping the tragic events of natural disasters.

Another thought is that the fire hall could also double as rural schools for the creative's brain chemistry. teachers available and involve the parent's in the childrens education. In my own up bringing my dad worked so hard he was always tired at home so much so he didn't have time to be involved in making sure i was in a state of understanding in my education. For my children my disibility pension changed that for my kids and they are up to speed although my son who is aiming at being a biologist has a work load I wouldn't wish on an enemy.

I'm leaving this open because it would benefit from lots of input.
Planet Stewardship and World Rescue team