Moving onto the Land Photo Gallery -- $900 of my $1200 welfare check (its curious how the government can set a limit to how much rent they cover at the time it was 450 regardless of the fact you couldn't rent a place in town for that much) went to the landlord in town, I thought, if  I got onto some land, I could take better care of my family. I found  20 acres, all hilly and full of maples I can only say, I loved living there; and in the end, they cant take away the 3 beautiful years that I lived there.
Moving on to town Gallery  The kids were made to stay with their grandma until I got a place rented, took about a month. I wonder who pulled their strings.
Living in the Van Gallery   So we were left to live in our van followed by the CAS (children's aid society) visit which, a week before was treated like a father camping with his kids while we looked for a place to rent--then suddenly, 'sorry we cant let the kids come back here.'
Tear Down Trailer Camp Gallery  So because I broke the rules that conformists follow and wouldn't tear it down myself the government sent out their sheriff of Nottingham bylaw guy and a crew accompanied by 4 police cruisers to tear down the building and took my trailer  not all of us agree we need baby sitters
Sunday Lake Gallery -- we fished swam and washed in the lake about a 2 min walk down the hill from our lot
Trailer Camp Gallery   I put a trailer on the land and built a 'cabin looking' screen around it. Many of my neighbors shared that they did similar only I did it at the height of the bubble created by the illegal actions of wall-streeters and some neighbors wanted to cash in.
Maple Syrup Making Gallery   Making maple syrup was a fun family activity and was practical in that it relieved a need off the grocery list -- done right this hobby could take care of syrup needs but also sugar and even wine can be made from fermented sap.
Tent Camp Gallery -- we moved onto it into a tent and built a lean-to for keeping stuff out of the elements.
Waste Management Gallery -- this is the out house and electrical power stand
When done this section will tell the story of moving the boys and I from the city's welfare warehouse, out into a homesteading environment and the violent government response. I thought if I could get us out on the land I could provide better for my little family. I followed Gandhi's advice for social changers, "become the change you want to see in the world." From my experience I would add, 'resistance to what you would like will find you and then you will have to get creative to continue down your path.'
This the half-a-telephone pole I turned into a tree house for the boys.
This was 'the hotbox' an outdoor homemade furnace.
Photo Gallery
I would add that homesteading is back breaking work and we hear national pride when hearing about the pioneers but after doing it I don't believe anyone would choose to work so hard in hindsight--but rather I would interpret that poor people will work that hard if it significantly altered their descendants chances to continue being renters and never owners--sort-of taking it on the chin for the sake of the team.