Absolutely No Violence!
I was ten when I watched the hippies and admired that they seemed to enjoy and love their lives and the same could not be said for the adults around me. I have always admired those who preached the more positive message of love rather than socialized hatred (although I have fallen into the peer pressure of it all--racism and hatred in general are in the thoughts we share among our closest friendships and an unconscious choice to verbalize something negative about somebody versus a conscious decision to filter negative associations and a preference to wait for something nice to come to mind then say that). People don't know to hate they are taught to hate so the lessons within intimate groups is the example set for the influence-able mostly the children who watch the behavior exampled.

Gandhi, Martin Luther King, Bob Marely and many others in history have sacrificed their life to pushing the ability for all to live an un-oppressed life -- thousands of others less famous have helped "the people" the people who didn't have a voice within the counsels of elitists who hold power over their existence. Yet many of these wonderful people with a loving message have been murdered. Why is the positive message of love so violently opposed? I think because their compassion was about giving freedoms to people who's current well-being was somehow tied to another individual's better-being.

Someone wants us worried, scared and dependant. Truth- is, nothing opens the coffers of the public purse faster than a little public out-cry. Whether it's the three human super hero's I mentioned or today's occupy protesters all speaking messages that should be viewed as positive by everyone below civil servant or the unionized (I'm guessing the poverty line is just below these groups) we can expect those opposers to be met by those who defend what is the past, present or future status quo. Meaning, protecting what already exists usually conservative thinkers.

It's a classic standoff with 'social sanity' standing with the authority. Social sanity (understandings of the social consciousness) would also say to support the troops but the vets of the WW wars left us Remembrance Day with the expressed sentiment, 'remember our sacrifice and never send your people to war again.' And I remember without Gandhi how much longer would East Indians ride in segregated train cars in their own country, how much longer would blacks be treated sub-human without MLK and Bob Marely raised awareness that Jamaican's were being treated as second class citizens on their own island, or how long would  apartide have continued in South Africa without the awareness created by Mandela and others through their treatment for the idea of being equal. I remember further that if it wasn't for the out-cry of the 'dirty-hippies' Vietnam might still be going because at the top of societies pyramid 'war is a cash-cow.'

We do a dis-service while honoring war. It is apparent we are not seeing the photos that we might see from the battle grounds like we did with Nam. This allows special interests to rake in the money for longer -- so its about time to speak up. Vets spoke up about the not-so-politically-correct reality of being vets trying to get their benefits getting stone-walled by government. Once they are out of sight  they become one of the rest of us. Somewhere in all my writing I thought about the homesteading environment being a very calming environment from which to get on with the healing of heart and mind for vets and vet-group-councilling. I think a lot of those who go are Adhd, its the kind of thing that appeals to our nieve-self -- 'sometimes want we want, isn't good for us.'

Any confrontation with government also lets loose the public purse strings. So if you are a social changer violence can't be in your toolkit of raising public awareness -- violence works for the authority. They will stick a label on you faster than Jesse James could draw a pistol and the government checkbook will dish out dollars to already waiting security firms. Violence will lose you or your entire group all its credibility for public sympathy. The violence label moves the collective consciousness on to the next headline while the police mop up. Authority gets a feather in their cap and the disgruntled group gets a black eye as far as public opinion.

It's hard enough to get the conformists attention but without their compassion the authorities will beat, incarcerate and even kill you -- all justified by your individual/group's violence. I've heard tell of seeding these groups with people to do violence for 'the man' so they can go ahead with the special powers that are allowed at the point of violence. So violence is lose, lose, lose for social changers and win, win, win for the authority, and things remain the same which suits the conservative thinkers. They are conservative because if nothing changes cha-$$$-ching for them.

The current social trend to make bullying un-cool falls into the no violence category. For too long has society allowed this to continue. After years of my own recovery work, I co-facilited four family-of-origin courses over a seven year period. A year long journey back into people's personal history to help them get over the blockages to their own personal empowerment. We are born with free-will but it is restricted as we are taught the boundaries that our care-givers deem important (every culture will make sense if you grow up in it). Knowing this do we really want other people helping our child define thim self especially before they know them-self, obviously not, its equal to the undeveloped leading the undeveloped (blind leading the blind). Teachers are tasked with delivering the curriculum and who can do a full time job and pay attention to everyone's emotional undertones. Parents work full-time and can be a little overloaded to deal with social problems in a different environment. Children who are lost (abandoned while surrounded by self-absorbed adults) and dealing with a world that 'feels' constantly negative see suicide as an escape from constant pain. They are lost to the fact that, 'suicide is a permanent solution to, in the vast majority of cases, a temporary problem.'

So I for one, salute this positive move toward being kinder to people. I would mention a celebrity that I thought spoke with great awareness and consideration for fellow human-travelers. That guy was Cee Lo Green when he spoke to contestants on The Voice, he always found a way to say something uplifting even to his toughest competition. I've seen a contrast to Simon Cowell who one season was brutal to everyone not on his team, the following year he was more considerate until the chips were down and relapsed to being hurtful to the competition. Its a good example how fear produces aggression and the reason we call higher awareness, higher consciousness is that it takes 'extra-effort' to consider deeply the feelings of those you address; it is far easier to say the first thing that comes into your consciousness even when its inconsiderate of those around you. And when the culture doesn't sanction you, it creates a culture of acceptable abuse -- so aggressive peer pressure must be made to be very un-cool. When we say 'suck-it-up' it's a choice, to ignore negative treatment of others and teach them to ignore their inner cues to deny bad feeling which is denying self awareness, a recipe for inner-self-ignorance. Hence the paths for raising self awareness, I'd rather live in a culture that is at least trying to make tolerance the norm.