The writing of this book occurred during the years 1995-2000. Writing has been very therapeutic and following my interests fueled what became a 'self-education' and its a good example of what goes on in an adhd mind, we carry these immense clouds of thought. I think the perception of an 'external-attention-problem' is caused by these 'internal whirlwinds of thought' which causes us to have do 2 things at the same time (the definition of frustration is trying to do 2 things at the same time). Interest in world cataclysm was likely influenced by my Adhd which results in a poor fit in a rigidly scripted society and creates a yearning for 'something/anything' else. Thus, this book is auto-biographical because it's my study of world cataclysm. Basically I thought about the last ice age and wondered whether it could happen again. I studied from ancient texts to try to glean insight into the future by studying the past. I studied prophecies past, present and future. The thoughts put forth in this novel are relevant as we get closer to Mayan and Nostradamus' December 21, 2012, or Newton's prediction for 2064. The presented perspectives and perceptions may be helpful to some. Please download and read for no charge, I hope you enjoy the insights I share. I also think there is value in the fact I struggled with my own resistance to new ideas because of core belief intalled during socialization. Creating belief in a new paradigm has to fight with the previous beliefs, perhaps my struggle throughout this book can aid others especially those who struggle with the same core beliefs! Enjoy!
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The Pole Shift is Coming: so, I'm Rebuilding Noah's Ark is a book written by my father who's self directed search of cataclysmic history has led him to
know massive natural disasters have happened and will most certainly happen again. The chapter on tsunamis written in the year 2000 heavely forshadowed the disaster of 2004. This sparks a resemblance to the ancient greek wisdom that depicts humans walking backwards into the future.

This novel is like two books in one. It intertwines an auto biography  and an examination of world cataclysm. It tells of Tom McCabe's pilgrimage of self discovery and research into cataclysmic phenomenon, that has and will continue change the face of the earth--after all ... we are rampaging through space on a molten rock.

You might find this book on the top shelf, but nonetheless it was worth reading. Giving the reader a good understanding of the chaotic nature of free will thinking that has been likened in one critique to a James Joycean' stream of conciousness--encouraging readers to better understand themselves and search their conciousness for greater meaning within each moment of their life. To know about historical cataclysms is to be more prepared in the face of the next natural disasters.