First off, I'd like to address the years of miss information that has demonized pot as all bad. The Woody Harrelson documentary covers the subject better than I possibly could (called Grass). In the documentary we are made aware of the War on drugs that is similar to the War on alcohol both of which generate huge amounts of money for law enforcement agencies (this makes them unbiased) and their view of the subject should be viewed as an extreme polarized view. Hindsight offers that the war on alcohol created an underground (criminal) opportunity to provide something outlawed by "the .01%" who move in with rules and regulations eliminating everyone else's ability to compete with them.

People getting blinded and those who died because of bad practice in the distillation of alcohol (largely the toxic effect caused by using the wrong metal for the boiler) are highlighted in the media blitz generated by those in control of the media (the .01%/business). There were probably thousands of people for whom making alcohol had been a family tradition for generations and who followed good practices. I associate to the maple syrup business around here where rules and regulations and standards are being put in place to reduce and perhaps eliminate all competition for those who produce in the manner  as prescribed by the new standards that will send you to buy from the 1%ers who also manufacturer the stainless steel natural gas evaporators, etc..  For those like me who boil down in a wood-fired pan, a process called kettle syrup which used to be prized as some of  the best. What we produce is called dark syrup and not even on the chart of acceptable colors for approved commercial sale. So selling Maple Strop is now essentially outlawed for the little people.

In the pasteurization process of honey a similar outlawing of unpasteurized honey which is rich in enzymes and natural steroids that are good for us but the 1% are experts at eliminating their competition with rules and regulations. The unpasteurized milk industry has suffered the same demonizing, they hold up the small percentage of  problems like those who had bad allergic reactions as the reason no-one should have anything but pasteurized milk. So it is my opinion that much of what the business owned media puts out is part of these smear-campain-messages that get a bunch of conformists nodding their heads in agreement. Monopolies are not just about having businesses to compete with each other but more so that business eliminate everyone else's rights to compete with business. We know the illegal drug trade is billions of dollars, the legal alcohol business is also billions of dollars and the legal prescription drug market is billions of dollars per year. It makes me wonder how many people are actually sober. In general my opinion is that education could have made family stills safer and protecting individual rights for  honey, maple syrup, milk and pot should have a strong voice of advocacy on their behalf (another responsibility for the planet stewardship and world rescue team).

As far as addiction I know what its like to be dependant on a substances (alcohol and harder drugs) and even pot was part of my out of balance partying life. I've grown out of it but had to learn the hard way. It is my opinion those with Adhd not drink alcohol however should be encouraged to take up vaporizing pot. Even in the most delirious moments of  my days of addiction I had a sense that if I  only did pot my life would be controllable. I recognized that there were aspects of the pot that were not only for having what I considered a good time but that were soothing to my personal experience even before I was diagnosed with 'severe' Adhd. What causes the weak attention identified by the Adhd label comes from an uncontrollable whirlwind of thinking going on in our minds. We are indeed dreamers (imagineers) who have difficulty focusing on what others believe is more important for us to concentrate on. But that this is, what Albert Einstein was labeled with ( Adhd) causes me to think, letting people pursue what is interesting to them may yield more genius than trying to concentrate on what it is that conformists repeat to us (parrot education). So I don't agree that Adhd is a bad thing.

However, in us is a weakness created by the extreme thinking process that makes our interface with the external world a weakness. So we are easily over-stimulated by changes in our environment (multiple sources of stimulation all un-prioritized) and quite often this leads to making poor choices in these over-stimulated moments. Pot helps me with this by relaxing the body's over-stimulated reactions. If I have several things I want to get done, each can demand so much thought my mind jumps from one to another and keeps recycling round and round this can overwhelm me and I go into a 'crash and burn' (an overwhelmed state) and then get nothing done. I find the pot allows me to relax and focus on one thing and although I wont get everything done one thing comes off my list which is always helpful to me. In conversations, I am ok with one-on-one interactions but when more than one person is involved suddenly it becomes hard to stay with the changing sources of information and the myriad of self-generated-associations, I shut down and only 'take-in' in groups or drift off and gain no understanding.

I am grateful to be living at a time when the understanding that the disabled have things to offer society is at its highest ever. As recently as the 50s these subtle nuances would not be recognized through being trumped by the only acceptable way for a poor person to behave in this world that being, get yourself to work and stand close enough to the grindstone to skin your nose. There existed no compassion for 'able-body-looking' people, only get to work and everything will be ok. A social view created by the over-achievers who set the standards. In the family of origin courses I was part of I was involved with a lot of people who at retirement were lost their work identity gone they didn't know what to do with themselves, they lived a life out of balance and wee in desperate need of lessons for their personal empowerment.

The choices are get a job, get on a social program or pick a crime. Society spits out criminals who are likely unaware they have a different brain chemistry than those who do what they are told so well. Good conformists make us look like we are bad people making bad choices. So all those who control this society, the 1% and their 'agents of social control' generally the highest third of  earners who pride themselves as being good citizens (which doesn't take into account their positions of  power were built on the foundations of genocide and the resulting social structure is more similar to cultures of slavery.  My understanding is that anyone who has no other choice but to go to work is a slave. I would add, those with no compassion for the indigenous peoples who have been conquered you need to know Europeans were also conquered in a similar manner by the Romans and that their ancestors were brutalized by the same aristocratic social re-structuring.

We are not done with the brutality yet we have simply come through a time where it was boon financially to fund the 'cultural-awareness-raising.' A lot of the pre 2007 economic bubble was created by paying white collar members of society to take better care of the poor which raised their value these were gains for the disabled community. As the money dries up in the current austerity these gains are being eroded the current, a contraction. This erosion is happening under a democratic rule but just wait when the republicans get another turn we will see the harder choices being made -- the collapse of all the gains. There will only be money for jobs, jobs, jobs. Those who aren't under this umbrella will be left to there own devices like the days of the 30s bank robber boom then start to repeat the cycle again. Meanwhile there are certain families that live on the top of the pyramid of power for whom no matter where we are in this repeating cycle are on top living the high life. Capitalist or communist there are a finite few in every country who do better than everyone else.

This moment in history has allowed me enough freedom to recognize my Adhd is a separate/different brain chemistry and I think that given a different/another environment (other than only get a job) my Adhd energy (energy=behavior) doesn't have to manifest in a negative manner within criminal world. I think many who live on the seedy side of society are there not only because of the bad choice but because they have a hard time living their life doing what they are told. Providing another option will allow that some people's negative energy can be expressed in a positive manner. Reducing what is negative and increasing the positive is win/win, no matter what you believe. Another acceptable environment will counter-balance and redress the out-of -balance state created by a one world order society that only acknowledges that the over achieving conformist behavior is the only right way to be a good citizen.

We can't discuss the legalizing of pot unless we identify, why the need to so and where the benefits will be realized. If I wandered off track for some of you  others will appreciate the awareness of our time. We have seen the raising of value for women, people of color, the visibly disabled, same sex couples and as I've described the invisibly disabled. We can watch the gains get eroded  or create another environment where these gains can continue to flourish and grow creating a better environment for us all. Its a small step to be more tolerant and accepting of others. Or watch the restrictions increase as fewer managers control the growing marginalized. Looking at the republican party where a great deal of wealth is controlled by strict religious conservatives makes my skin crawl as the power is reduced to fewer hands. I am reminded of the fall of the Roman Empire and the resulting dark ages because when the government fell the only one still organized was the superstitious churches with their/Roman Emperor's ideas of what is right for everyone (yikes!). 

We need business people too yet they are merely the managers of commerce. The domination of the controls of society began in the chambers of commerce in each hamlet of the world--these managers make all the financial decisions for all of those under its charge and largely decide how to spend public money -- time and again they decide to pay themselves to provide for all of us minimizing the benefit for the majority. We need a group of like minded non commercial elders to be mindful that some of the earth's lands should be inhabited in a more natural connection for some of us humans to enjoy. And that some of the things like making alcohol, drinking unpasteurized milk, maple syrup or honey, growing one's own pot and access to land without mortgages do have good aspects to them. I think the relaxing of  the restrictions on pot is caused by the personal financial gains for the legalized business of it. So like the other industries that are monopolized by business people I'd like to see an increase of individual rights to produce for oneself perhaps a small group of friends in a barter and trade economy and we can hope it will offset the imbalance of giving these rights to another monopoly/cartel.

In Canada our prescription med's are supposed to be paid by our health care system but medical marijuana is still experimental and not yet covered. After 3 years of sitting on the welfare system refusing to go back to look for another job until someone addressed my continual restarting of job after job--my first jobs lasted a year maybe two but my previous experiences taught me that I eventually wouldn't be able to contain the negative effects of repeating behavior that felt bad and that somehow the attempt to continue would eventually cause an emotional upheaval that winds up hurting me. I called the negative emotions 'toxic yuck' it wasn't until I learned Adhd lacks a synaptic pay off to continue repeating repetitive tasks that I realized my brain chemistry is different and that the toxic yuck was the consequence for trying to continue in a wrong environment. Over time I learned to fear staying where this build up was increasingly unbearable because the longer I stayed the more cathartic the internal explosion and the more severe the consequences would be for me and those around me. I wanted someone in charge of my life in the social services to acknowledge this was a real problem and that me looking for another job was a Band-Aid solution that would rip the scab off and I'd be in the same boat in a few months always, falling off the bottom rung of society. At the time I couldn't even express what I was trying to communicate there was no other reality for the invisibly disabled, just get a job.

My mentor Gary gave verbal support that I continue to seek what I thought would be better for myself and it was enough to sustain me as I faced the continual sense there wasn't' really any hope of my getting a better environment for myself. Gary who was left quadriplegic after a bout of polio in his childhood also faced trying to change attitudes toward his condition that being quadriplegic no one expected him to do anything yet he believed he had something to offer. So much so that one his last great feats was to run for the office of Premier (US equivalent of governor) of Alberta the Canadian province with the tar sands oil project. I felt privileged he took the time to hear my ramblings and encourage me. He was a true inspiration to me. My goal was to get myself recognized as legally disabled so I could get on a disability pension, a respite from the constant state of fear that the only option for me was to go try work again. I needed time away from the pressure that to me was debilitating. Persistence finally paid off and I got a psychiatrist to understand my point of view even though he considered himself part Adhd and I think that his own success did not validate my need to be excused from work.

I've had my disability designation for 4-5 years now and much like the lack of expectations for a quadriplegic I feel the same lack of expectation on me. I'm a number in a government computer that spits out a check so I can pay the society's esteemed bill collectors. There isn't really any value placed on me and I find social workers barely tolerate their clients no one reaches out to see what more they can do or what I might do--I think there is a lot of politically correct bureaucratic concern but the barriers for me can be the attitudes of socially competent workers. Even getting the annual pot license is a bureaucratic nightmare that ever fiber of my being reviles against. After having my licence for a year and everything going smoothly for me the psychiatrist took me off the case load because in a rural area a psychiatrist is a rare commodity (it seems to me supply and demand works for the medical community and thus making it so hard to become a medical practitioner increases their value--even though we are all potential healers).

He seems ok with doing the annual paperwork but getting through his pit-bull-like secretaries (people who are over-worked may not be aware they are bitchy and those who don't may be somewhat thin skinned because of the lack of intellectual armor that says, they are so busy they must be more important than a lay about) is all but impossible, I have dropped papers off there countless times and it is months to get a 5 minute job taken care of--if I call they say we will call you when it's ready and more weeks pass. On top of that, is the paying for it, the government does pay for the experimental treatment and the disability office seems appalled that I would expect more money to cover my medical expense especially pot when they don't cover more legitimate prescription drugs. So it means reducing my budget which to me means taking food out of my children's mouths and I'm not so selfish as to diminish what I can do to make their experience as good as I possibly can. I only pay bills and the rest goes to food perhaps I could reduce our entertainment budget but sitting in a concrete cave with nothing to do is a life hardly worth living.

So I advocate legalization so that I could grow my own but also that business could also have a market for those who don't want to grow there own. I find gardening pot soothing, it has a therapeutic value for me. Its wrong to give all of the rights over to business cause the monopolies we need protecting from are not competition for other businesses to compete with each other, it is the removing of our individual right to grow our own. I would like the choice to be able to grow my own especially to save money and the option to buy it because a whole year's effort can be wiped out by bad weather; and year to year, things can change the desire to garden can be trumped by the inability or lack of time to garden.

I think the local volunteer fire department opening a second way to be a part of it 'second responders' as described in the link Planet Stewardship and World Rescue Team could reduce some of the government need for so many repeating government agencies that have grown from the ideology that a healthy poor person is a working poor person and therefore we need to create jobs (which is code for paying rich guys to take care of us). Putting people in charge of other people whose generosity is boundaried by rule and regulation causes compassion to disappear replaced with a head full of logic that case number ??? has been fully cared for -- followed by, 'next in line please.' Keeping local files by concerned members in the community might increase our perceived value. Nothing I have done or learned in my experiences is on file except the bad stuff, no one has tracked the good. The stuff I've learned or done and I consider the bad stuff would only add up to a few hours of my time here on earth and the good stuff would add up to many months I'm sure. This is another weakness of having one authority with one valued ideal for all of us.

Adhd is the brain chemistry of potential visionaries I watched the show prophets of science fiction and I think H.G. Wells was likely Adhd a true visionary and that the prophets who are all individuals whose visions advanced the status quo of their contemporary collective consciousness (the acceptable behaviors) usually pushed forward by a dominant organized religion. I would add George Washington and Ben Franklin to my list of suspected Adhd visionaries. I have to wonder how their scientific and enlightenment visions got high jacked by fear mongering Constantine Christian soldier's that look to me like the British upper crust did. You can bet the British called these guys who didn't like their lack of opportunity felons and mentally unstable and tried to take their guns. Gun control is alive and well it's not the top 30% of society that has to worry because their guns are already trained on the marginalised. I have often considered that perhaps a gun and living off the land might have been a better environment for me like the show 'Mountain Men' speaks to.

The Racing Brain Syndrome which I've only seen quoted from a psychiatrist in California (who I think has died) is something I consider as a component of Adhd that is also responsible for what can appear as anti-social behavior. And can give the appearance of being reclusive, it's a huge nuisance to interrupt the thought building processes of RBS and have to start over rebuilding the same thought to say yes the weather is nice today. Superficial social interactions can demolish deep penetrating insight that comes from paying attention to the thoughts that pour into the mind through stream of consciousness. Think of distracted scientist in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang we like nutty professors and it depends what you feed into the mind that effects the resulting output an old saying says, 'garbage in garbage out' we can add, beautiful in beauty out.

I have long thought that those prioritizing thinkers who do well in the out of balance over-achieving education system that is kind to so few are also thinkers who study their specialty into minutia--they are specific thinkers and study one thing. The products of their study being a thesis on the their expertise. Adhd people have an opposite strength that is creating new wholes from known parts therefore giving them the info created by specialists will allow new creations from the known parts. Another thing I find curious is how people considered to have attention problems can spend so many hours deeply hyper-focused into video games perhaps a MMO (online video game or video games) could be utilized in a teaching manner or designed to also produce real world benefits. Studying with a interest and a buzz. I also get a bit of a twitch when workaholics demonize playing games with long term consequences that I don't see being applied to people who work in front of screens all day, every day like air traffic controllers or secretaries and many other occupations.

I should also mention David Suzuki's show the nature of things and his recent episode 'The Downside of High.' He raises a concern I also raised somewhere in writings to my mentor years ago that, the pot of today has been highbred to extreme levels of THC. THC being the psychosis producing aspect of the drug and raising THC levels causes the plant to reduce its production CBD which is a anti psychotic aspect also present in pot from the 70s. I have been looking for seeds of the strains we smoked back then like Acapulco Gold, Panama Red or Thai Stick; I would like to re-visit some of these cause we were as high as we needed to be back in those days. Perhaps they are the ones to legalize. A concern he raises is that the psychosis producing aspect is very bad for those who suffer dilutions that are confused with actually being reality, he concentrated on schizophrenic's but I should think those with dissociation personality disorder (those who have multiple personalities) would also be ill-advised to consume psychosis producing medication. However for the vast majority of us this is not a problem but it doesn't mean we would not benefit from reduced THC and a little extra anti-psychotic for it's balancing effect.

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