This picture of hurricane Katrina reminds me of what it can feel like to have Adhd on a bad day. There are thoughts raging in our minds all the time from the ongoing inner dialogue to random associations that are reactions to visual and audio cues.

In one pschology course I attended at Queens U in Ottawa the Prof explained how some people get a chemical pay off for completing prioritizing steps. His next statement said, 'and Adhd people dont get this chemical reaction.' Which hit me like an insight, people with Adhd are of a different brain chemistry and therefore need a different environment. We typically dont do well in strictly scripted conformist environments biker-types dont make good go-to-work every day workers. I think we are non-conformists by nature.

If capitalism and socialism were blended into a highbred then there is a chance to redress the imbalance of the out-of-balance-state caused by being polarized to a single ideology that favors a few and forgets the majority. If capitalism supported those among us who are of the prioritising brain chemistry who like things orderly and find security, in order and managed economic trade. And a socialist movement ensured the people were allowed to take care of each other with some of  the 'common-wealth' then the worst aspects of society will reduce. Two different brain chemistries demand two different environments and if the result is counterbalancing the culture reducing negative energy and increasing positive energy then I cheer with a, Ya-hoo!
One way to help people understand Adhd which is like the curse of the blue collar folks because the white collar work environment where the greatest rewards are is tailored for those who are of the prioritizing brain chemistry. They prioritize well because the part of the brain that orders stuff is freer to think about what they are putting in order. We all know a strength of Adhd folks is the ability to imagine we are the dreamers. It is this dreaming that the Katrina pictures speaks to for me. All of this extra thought of imagining (which can not be turned off at will) makes ordering things in the world a weakness for us. I can see plainly while watching one of my son's who is interested in becoming a biologist so he is taking advanced classes which require he is at school all day long and then comes home with 4-5 hours worth of homework that I was excluded from further education because there is no way I could keep up to that indeed I was checked-out inside my imagination during the day's first class. I fell behind and was never brought up to speed I took the first available exit from the school system. I was a bad student, a bad worker and didn't fit anywhere in society so I became fodder for those who could work cops, prison guards social workers, judges, etc.. For all your hatred of us bad actors many of you would be unemployed without us.

So I see it as one type of person has an external attention span which makes things like accounting and following a schedule easy peezy. Another type of person thinks internally so hard as to weaken there ability to function well with external demands. One likes order and schedules and makes a good conformist and one does not and makes a good non-conformist with different weaknesses and different strengths for each type of thinker. Its easiest to imagine when I consider external thinkers have 80% of their thinking capacity to use on what they see in front of them and maybe 20% access to their imagination. Internal thinkers (Walt Disney called these on his staff, imagineers) have 80% of their attention available to imaginate and 20% for what is externally in front of them (lets say, the demands of a frustrated teacher).

This also creates a frustration for the Adhd person while trying to manage the external world, and I have found medical marijuana helps relieve the tension of getting things done by pacifying the physical stress in my body, as pot does. I have had a license for a couple years and think that it helps me a lot. I prefer the idea that it is my right as a human being to say what makes me feel better and produce what I think is a healthy product for me to consume. In other words legalize pot and let us make our own choices. I don't trust the white collar folks nor at 55 do I think I need to consult anyone regarding what helps me feel better in this incarnation. That 'they' 'radiate' the product I'm to smoke seems like a bad idea to me and it demonstrates a concern for companies on the stock market to do well by including them in the accepted procedure/practice for creating the pot that will be consumed mostly by the marginalized. Although I support the idea of medicating the frustration and resulting stress of externalizing energy, I do not support the medicating of Adhd folks to be in the wrong environment lets say, chemical lobotomy so they sit still.

By wrong environment I mean going to a place everyday that we don't want to be, any job I've been at for any length of time. I feel bored and begin to not like some of the people and consider it unhealthy to take myself somewhere I don't want to be or, makes me feel bad. I do like to do most things for a period of time so a proper environment would allow things to change-up for me and my kind. I see the Planet Stewardship and World Rescue Team to be able to provide just such an environment and liken it to volunteer fire departments. The TV show Moonshiners is a good example, those guys are basically good ol' boys and for the most part loved in their communities. But the collective consciousness tells us they are bad. To me they don't fit the culture like I don't and I'd bet my last dollar they would test off the chart for Adhd. So I am sympathetic to their existence. A good number of the available jobs in society are the institutions that manage the marginalized, an Adhd rich group of citizens.

By lowering the bar of acceptable behavior for the marginalized perhaps those with jobs might also see a reducing of the demands on the working classes because the finite working classes pace is set by a competitive over achieving few who are the 'winners' of the most prized positions of society. These people can make equivalent profits from hosting the lower classes as incarcerating them. You just have to re-frame the social structure. Just ask structural social workers redistribution of wealth isn't communism its taught in the universities of North America and its a smart idea there is a balancing act that needs to happen to do it well because we also need incentives to motivate capitalists too. I think if the right people got involved it could be figured out. When did communist states ever not have a rich ruling class and are the poor in the projects of any country (including North America) who have zero opportunity to move upward, can't afford healthy food for their children and live in fear of being shot in their neighborhoods any worse off than those in the Korean camps. The situations are similar if not equal and those who don't do well on the ladder to success are pretty consistently victim's of those who do, do well.

If it seems far fetched to give the poor more money perhaps you haven't considered all of the lost opportunity over the last century. Mechanization has reduced labor jobs that used to operate in a cash-labor manner so that people less dependable and consistent about holding jobs could get paid to help feed themselves. Also consider if Adhd is the artist's brain chemistry then, in the last hundred years camera's have eliminated illustration jobs every newspaper used to have sketch artists, the music industry has drastically reduced the amount of musical jobs and so on. As we have modernized fewer people are required to provide services  (lost opportunity to lower classes) and increases the wealth of the few; at the same time the population is increasing which adds to the amount of this lost opportunity. By throwing money at the top of society you have managed to avoid deflating the pre-bubble bursting values of the cost of living which looks to me like Marie Antoinette syndrome and I won't be shocked when north America looks like the streets of Greece.

Much of the money given to the .01% was spent so the top didn't have to lose all there stuff like those just beneath them and that money is spent on security to protect them from those with no opportunity which will end by having to use them on the marginalized. That's an us against them position you took when spending that money sort of a self-fulfilling prophecy I think. It's the same with the world security and I anticipate the same result. So I suppose you could kill everyone who is a threat to your continued domination of the world's resources or you could share better. Make business happen while hosting the marginalized. My mentor taught a course at an Edmonton University called social entrepreneurship which he defined as, "striving to combine the heart of business with the heart of the community through creativity of the individual" I'm certain he left insights that might help the world. You can defend against the people of the world by spending on the weapons you will use because you didn't make another choice possible. Or make your business the business of creating a theme park out of the world where no one wants to threaten you. I suggest while there is still time, we start making other choices.

At the university the courses that worked best for me were available on video cassette where I could watch at my leisure or when I felt least distracted this method of teaching could be incorperated to reduce the amount of institution time (especially for those who need it) and move us toward allowing families to spend more time together and work on the family cohesion that I think can only help. It is said it takes a whole village to raise a child which begins with giving the children back to their parents who care the most about them. Putting all those children together to learn creates a lot of distraction and for Adhd kids over stimulation which seals their fate. Einstein was home schooled until university which altered his fate from what his last grade school teacher said to his parent's, 'he would never amount to more than a garbage person.' It is apparent to me the education business is a powerful organization but a little blind when it comes to imagining change. The current trend is more institutionalization pre-kindergarden for example further reducing parental involvement in the lives of their children. These decisions are based on the studies that some with more education do better in society but, I think they measure how well those inclined to that environment do well and compare it to those who didn't do well in that environment. The system judges itself good by virtue of the success story's and concludes it is the one best method of teaching for everyone. They don't seem aware of a second brain chemistry.